STOP THE DIET, I WANT TO GET OFF! “should start a common-sense health revolution.”

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Rating: 5 stars
Book Review
“Stop the Diet, I Want to Get Off” is the no-nonsense nutrition book readers will
enjoy. Registered dietician Lisa Tillinger Johansen debunks the myths of fad diets to
give readers useful advice to maintain a healthy weight.
Johansen writes about the dangers of the $60 billion diet industry in her new book.
She writes about the perils of current diets like the Paleo Diet and the celebrityendorsed juice cleanses that are short-term and don’t lead to lasting weight loss. As Johansen wrote about fad diets in the introduction to her book,“ It’s essential that
we use a filter and common sense when sorting through the barrage of information
that comes our way. If it sounds to good to be true, it most likely is.’’
Johansen noted that readers would lose weight with a more balanced diet with a
mixture of fruits, vegetables, proteins, and grains. Johansen also wants readers to
combine a balanced diet with exercise to create a more realistic plan to have a
healthy body.
Johansen advocates for readers to focus more on maintaining a consistent weight
and not just on losing a few pounds by dealing with emotional triggers that could
lead to overeating. Some suggestions to overcome emotional eating are as simple
as spending time with loved ones to beat loneliness instead of eating a plate of
This book gives practical advice that readers will take to heart. Johansen’s matter-of-fact
writing simplifies information and answers many confusing questions about food and nutrition.
The bullet points, tables and illustrations throughout the book help readers assess how many
servings of food are appropriate in an easy to follow guide. Johansen’s advice in this book is
perfect for readers who want sensible health information similar to the books of food author
Michael Pollan like In Defense of Food. “Stop the Diet, I Want to Get Off” also would make an
ideal book for dietitians to recommend to patients that want to maintain a healthy
lifestyle. The book is useful for people who are preparing for swimsuit season or just want to
become more conscious eaters.
Lisa Tillinger Johansen should start a common-sense health revolution with “Stop
the Diet, I Want to Get Off.” The nutritious advice will guarantee that readers can
maintain a fit lifestyle. Her action plans will motivate readers to stay on a path to
eat well, exercise, and get off the diet merry-go-round.

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