Healthy Food Habits?

What are some of the healthy food habits that will help in the long run • Don’t skip meals. • Follow the healthy plate in which one-half of the plate is non-starchy veggies, one-quarter of the plate is starch and the other quarter is lean protein. Fruit and nonfat/low...

Why are starches important?

Why are starches important in a healthy, balanced diet? Whole grains have among other things the very important fiber. Fiber can help lower cholesterol, manage blood sugar, keep us regular and relieve constipation and keep us full. It’s important though to monitor...

Stop eating bread?

Should I stop eating bread entirely? No. Opt for whole grain bread which is the more nutritious choice.

Low-Carb Fruits?

What are the low carb fruits? All fruit is carbohydrate. There’s no “low-carb” fruit. It’s the serving size that makes it high or low carb, not the type of fruit.

Skipping meals to lose weight?

Should I Skip Meals To Lose Weight? I don’t recommend skipping meals for weight loss. This includes intermittent fasting. Balanced meals, healthy methods of food preparation, appropriate portion sizes, limiting high fat foods and concentrated sweets, consuming low...