A Healthy Lifestyle without Exercise?

Is it possible to stay healthy eating nutritious diet but without regular excercise? Eating a healthy diet goes a long way towards helping us to maintain our health. But exercise does that too. So by doing both you’re strengthening your defense!

Advantages to a no-starch diet?

Are there any nutritional disadvantages to following a strict no-starch diet? I would recommend choosing making better starch choices like whole grains that contain fiber and monitoring portion sizes.

Is meat fattening?

Is eating meat fattening? We can certainly make better choices among the food groups. When eating meat, choose lean cuts and limit red meat. Remove the skin of poultry and enjoy fish several times per week. Meat should take up about one-quarter of the plate. Portion...

How to stick to eating healthy?

How do I stick to a healthy eating plan? If you’re loading up on less nutritious items because you’re hungry then one strategy might be to increase your fiber intake. Fiber fills. Aim for at least 25 grams of fiber per day. We should only be eating for hunger, so if...

Diet & Exercise Plan?

Can you recommend a diet and exercise plan? If you’re already consuming a healthy diet with adequate calories, then I would recommend taking a look at your exercise. When we hit a plateau, employing the FIT principle can help jump start things. “F” stands for...